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A sustainable Automotive industry

We aim to lead in sustainability and the circular economy within the automotive industry, continually surpassing ourselves in achieving European recycling goals. We have obtained the necessary certifications and accreditations and continuously develop our team in sustainable thinking and practices.

We are dedicated to finding suitable solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, providing affordable mobility solutions within the automotive industry.

Working across diverse sectors contributes to this goal, keeping us sharp and enabling us to leverage new technologies while maintaining a focus on sustainability, innovation, and the cost-effective sale of parts.

With our one-stop shop concept for our customers, we strive to offer a larger selection of auto parts and services at competitive prices while maximizing the environmental benefits of each vehicle we process. This helps minimize the carbon footprint.

We do this with great passion and dedication on a site spanning approximately 11 hectares, where we have our own Venyard, a unique concept in the Netherlands. At Van der Ven, 98% of old cars are reused with the help of our people, customers, and supply chain partners. We are proud of this achievement every day!

"Our approach creates benefits for both the consumer and the environment. This makes the company's methodology highly unique and simultaneously successful, resulting in significant growth for us at present."

Martijn Traas Director

Van der Ven Auto's: then and now

Back in time

Since 1979, we started collecting 'scrap metal' and eventually specialized in buying, picking up, and recycling end-of-life vehicles. Our beginnings were modest: we started as a traditional car dismantling yard on a lot full of damaged cars. Customers had to remove their own parts. Environmental standards and safety requirements were not as strict back then. Now, we are the market leader in sustainable car dismantling and high-quality auto recycling. And that's not all...

Anno now

Since 2005, we have invested systematically in the professionalization and automation of our organization. A new company building, adjoining workshop, and parts warehouse were established at the former home base. Today, 150 enthusiastic, skilled, and knowledgeable employees contribute to our 'total concept for sustainable mobility.'

What we do

In addition to professional car dismantling, eco-friendly auto recycling, and being a major supplier of original used car parts, Van der Ven Auto's is also active in the buying and selling of used cars, as well as import and export.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is integrally woven into our strategy and philosophy. Recycling is in our DNA, with a recycling rate of up to 97% for dismantled cars. We also promote cost-effective alternative repairs and preventive maintenance using used auto parts, catering to both individuals and businesses, both domestically and internationally.


Want to learn more about Van der Ven or one of our job openings? Contact Danielle Epker (HR Advisor).