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Old parts, new start - join our team and help build a greener future

Working at Van der Ven Auto's

Imagine this: every day, you step into the dynamic world of automobiles, where no two days are the same. At Van der Ven Auto’s, one of the largest integrated car dismantling and recycling companies, we offer more than just a job. We create an environment where colleagues feel like friends. The shared passion for cars ensures that you are excited every day to contribute to the success of our company.

But it goes beyond that. We regularly organize activities such as Sinterklaas celebrations, Christmas parties, BBQs, and more. Anniversaries are celebrated, and challenges are tackled - we solve problems and make sure you feel valued. Additionally, you have the freedom to perform your role in your own way.

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What can you expect

Shared passions for cars

With us, colleagues are more than just employees; they feel like friends. We all share a passion for cars, which creates a strong bond that goes beyond work. It feels like we are all part of one big family, working together to achieve our goals.

Contributing to a greener future

Every day, we contribute to a greener future by reusing and recycling car parts. By being part of our team, you also contribute to a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

Dynamic work environment

At Van der Ven Auto's, you step into a dynamic environment where every day is different from the last. Whether it's working with the latest dismantling technologies or tackling unexpected challenges, you'll find that no two days are the same in our industry.

Freedom and conviviality

We value our employees by giving them a lot of freedom: you have the space to perform your work in your own way. Additionally, we regularly organize activities such as Sinterklaas celebrations, Christmas parties, BBQs, and more. Anniversaries are celebrated and problems are solved, ensuring you feel appreciated and enjoy coming to work.

  • "In my role, every day is different. That's what makes working at Van der Ven Auto's challenging."

    Cees Coertjens


  • "At Van der Ven Auto's, I feel right at home!"

    Mariëlla de Waal

    Financial Manager

The process

Successful job application

Your application has been received! Fantastic! We will contact you by phone as soon as possible for a brief introduction.

Personal interview

If our initial contact indicates that you and Van der Ven Auto's might be the perfect match, we will schedule a personal introduction. This is a meeting with the team leader and HR advisor.


After the interview you will receive feedback as soon as possible. How convenient! Did the interview go well? Then we will make you an offer to join Van der Ven Auto's.

Welcome to the team

Contract is signed on location and hands are shaken: welcome to our team! At Van der Ven Auto's we are extremely happy with every new colleague and we welcome you with open arms.

Can't find the job you're looking for?

We are growing, which is why we are always looking for new talent. Send us your CV and we'll contact you if we have a job opening that suits you.